Mr Neko's Treasure Bazaar

Synopsis: Imagine a bizarre and colorful post-apocaliptic world where humans and mutants live in a new and rudimentary society. Now, imagine three kids whose job is travel through a huge ruined city searching for old and valuated things, commissioned by their boss, an eccentric cat who owns and manages an unusual bazaar. Add to this a long list of quirky customers who come in search of objects to bring solutions to their comical and uncommon needs.

Sinopsis: En un bizarro y colorido futuro post-apocalíptico viven Radio, tigre y Litio, tres adolecentes aventureros que trabajan como cazadores de tesoros para Mr Neko, un enorme gato parlante que maneja un extraño bazar, al cual siempre acuden los mas diversos y excéntricos personajes en busca de items del pasado para solucionar sus cómicas necesidades.

Project Title: Mr Neko’s Treasure Bazaar
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Creator/ Original idea: 
Germán Acuña
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Director: Germán Acuña
Producer: Sebastián Ruz Hamame

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State: In development
Chapters: 26 / 11 min