Morrison Hostel

Sinopsis: Un grupo de monstruos decide convertir su antigua casona familiar en un hostal para hospedar humanos. La aventura resulta ardua por partida doble: Tendrán que aprender acerca del comportamiento y los gustos humanos, al tiempo de evitar que Boris, su inmaduro vecino regordete, los denuncie a las autoridades por ser monstruos, o como dice él: “¡Monstruosos monstruos monstruales!”

Synopsis: A group of monsters decides to turn the old family mansion into a hostel for humans. The adventure begins with a couple of complications: They have to understand and learn how humans behave, what they like and at the same time avoid that Boris, their annoying chubby neighbor, reports them to the police for being monsters, or as he call them: “Monstrous monstering monsters!”.

Project Title: Morrison Hostel
Emission year: 2011-2015
Co- Producer Country:
Creator/ Original idea: 
Bernardita Ojeda
Director Contact:
Producer Contact:
Director: Bernardita Ojeda
Producer: Sol Herreros

Broadcast Channel: Paka Paka de Argentina, C13 y Chilevisión en Chile
Production House: 
Production House:

State: Distribution
Chapters: 26 x 13´