Hit hard, Hara!

Sinopsis: En un mundo de hombres luchadores barbáricos, Hara Miyo, la única mujer que existe, luchará para encontrar la cura a la maldición que la transforma en lo que más odia: ¡Una mujer barbárica llena de ira!

Synopsis: Maths has tormented In a world of barbaric fighters, Hara Miyo, the only woman that exists, will travel to find a cure for the curse that transforms her into what hates the most: An all-grown barbaric woman full of rage!

Project Title: Hit hard, Hara!
Emission year:
Co- Producer Country:

Creator/ Original idea: 
Matías Latorre
Director Contact: hola@marmotastudio.com
Producer Contact: hola@marmotastudio.com
Director: Bernardita Pastén
Producer: Matías Latorre

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Production House: 
Marmota Studio
Tweens and Teens
State: In development
Chapters: 13×11`